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Plastering Floats
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Plaziflex tools
Aluminium screed straight edge
Straight Edges & Levels
kraft plastering hawk
Blue Dog Monocouche Scraper 800
Tools for rendering
rst folding knife
estwing hammer vinyl 800
Hammers & Chisels
magnesium double sided stilts
Stilts & Hop-ups
liquid screed tripods
Screeding tools
air hopper gun
Tyrolean/Hopper Guns
marshalltown rock warrior saw
Drywall accessories
water sprayers
refina power sponge float
Electric Power Floats

Plastering tools at PFT Wales plastering shop

PFT wales stock the most up to date and current range of plastering tools and accessories.  Coming from a Plastering background, Ian at PFT has always loved “kit” buying the latest tools and equipment has always been top of the agenda.

Our range of plastering paddle and splash brushes has the right brush for everyone.

Trowels at PFT wales

The plastering & rendering trowels we stock range from many suppliers. Refina, Marshalltown, kraft tools are to name a few. We sell superflex and flexible skimming trowels alongside our more traditional trowels made from stainless steel and carbon steels.

Superflex and flexible trowels are hugely popular for finishing skim plasters. We have a fantastic range from suppliers like marshalltown Refina Kraft

Plastic trowels for finishing acrylic renders and silicone topcoat render, pool and floor laying trowels with rounded edges.

Tiling trowels with notched blades, Venetian polishing trowels with tapered and straight highly polished blades.

Bucket and dabbing trowels aswell as gauging trowels and margin trowels in different sizes. Many other different trowels for drywall, pointing and small tools.

Plastering floats

From nail floats for scraping monocouche renders, to plastic plastering floats and not to mention a terrific range of sponge floats for skimming and rendering.

Plaziflex and Plastering Spatulas

Plaziflex plastic finishing trowels and spatulas available in many different sizes. PFT Wales massive range of plastering spatulas for rendering and skimming is a very big part of our current stock.

Stilts and Hop ups

From sur-stilts are top quality and considered the best on the market today . Our range of single sided and double sided stilts are made from best quality materials and will ensure the user will be safe during the working day.

Electric Power sponges

Power sponge floats are a fantastic way to reduce the time spent floating or rubbing up a wall. The 110 volt 240 volt and battery cordless power sponges are available with a selection of sponge pads.  Replacement pads for the sponge floats are available at PFT Wales.

Screeding Tools

Dappling bars for liquid screed, dappling brushes. Adjustable tripods for levelling floors. Screed mixers and trolleys. Consistency checking plate and cup. plus much more at our screed floor section.

Plastering and Drywall tools

Stanley knives, cutting knives, Measuring tapes for measuring and marking. Chalk lines for drywall rendering projects