PFT Wales – Refina Superflex

We at PFT Wales have a number of brands to help you with all your plastering needs, to
keep your plasterers tool kit up to date. Whether you’re looking for trowels to flatten out
the walls at the end of the day, mixers to get the perfect texture to your plaster, or even
buckets to mix plaster in.
We have all manner of Refina Mixers, of various sizes and strengths so you can get
whatever is necessary for your project. Whether you’re looking for smaller, lightweight
models like the megamixer mm19 that can get the job done quieter and quickly, or if
you’re looking for more options with your plaster, we have the fantastic Refina mobile
mixing station, at a competitive price, which allows for mixing on the go in an efficient
Refina Superflex have a number of different plastering trowels available, so that your
needs can be met, no matter what stage of the plastering process you’re on. You can
rest assured knowing you’re getting an object of a high quality, at a competitive price.
Of course, Refina Superflex is one of a number of brands available at PFT Wales, ready
to help you with all your plastering machine needs.
To find out more about what we sell, or if you have any questions, feel free to get in
Either by giving us a ring on: 07717 163728 for direct sales or technical knowhow on
07970 278760
Or by filling out the provided form on our website.

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