PFT Wales – Refina Plaster Mixer

Get the tools to meet all of your plastering needs, with PFT Wales. Whether you’re looking to
smoothen the walls, or simply get the project started, we at PFT Wales have a large amount
of different tools to help you out.
At PFT Wales, we hold a large variety of incredible Reifna Items, including that of the Refin a
Plaster mIxer, allowing you to have a consistent stream of the plaster you need, to keep your
build on schedule and make the entire process smoother and easier for you. Whether you
need lightweight mixers, or alternative versions at different sizes, we stock a large range to
meet all of your needs.
A lot of the refina products we sell come with a variety of different accessories, including
paddles, buckets and more. Alongside this, we at PFT Wales make sure to detail all of the
different specifications of our products, so you can rest assured knowing not only are you
getting what you an item at a competitive rate, but you’ll be getting exactly what it is you
If you’d like to consult with us, to identify the perfect product for you, or just have any
questions you would like answered, give us a ring on: 07717163728.
Alternatively find our addresses and more on our website.

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