PFT Wales- OX Speedskim

What are the benefits that come from buying the OX Speedskim Plastering Spatula Stainless Flex
Combo Pack Rule & Handle Complete?
The speedskim is an absolute must buy, and with so many advantages, you’ll soon wonder how you
ever got by without it.
Designed to increase metreage output and enhance the overall quality of finish, this fantastic tool is
perfect for those who suffer from RSI or general fatigue. With an ultra-fine 0.3mm stainless steel
blade and integral blade guard, the speedskim is compatible with all gypsum-based finishing
plasters, compounds and jointing systems. Better yet, it allows flatting back immediately after
plastering application which means you can finish up jobs quicker than ever before.
Some of the other advantages of the speedskim include:
 The design increases blade stability in various seasonal temperatures
 The Speedskim technology has been adapted to make many other Building Trade
applications faster and easier
 New button release gives it a unique interchangeable blade feature
 Brings no moisture to the surface meaning you can get the job done quicker
 Lightweight construction
On our website we also sell other OX products such as the OX plastic flex, OX pro semi-flex and the
OX pro ultra-flex. To view our full range of products, take a look around our website today.

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