PFT Ritmo Powercoat

The PFT Ritmo Powercoat Machine application of smoothing cement that revolutionises interior work

The proven Ritmo mixing pump with the revolutionary agitator made of stainless steel/rubber which, for the first time, enables the machine-crushing of lumps to thereby produce a homogenous, sprayable thin-wall plaster (a material that could previously only be mixed by hand with a trowel).

The PFT Ritmo Powercoat will mix and spray multi finish plaster, Multi finish is the finish coat plaster that every single plasterer uses whether they are on domestic or commercial then the PFT Ritmo Powercoat is going to come in handy.PFT RITMO Powercoat

Advantages of the PFT Ritmo Powercoat

  • The practical arrangement of the sack opener and the low input funnel allows quick opening and complete emptying of the bagged material.
  • With the continuously adjustable drive, conveying output and mixing time can be adapted for each other. The flexible water injection allows the use of a variety of materials.
  • Simple, easy and fast cleaning of the machine module. Caked deposits on the rubber mixing area can be quickly and easily removed.
  • Safety-tested by the German Builder’s Guild conforms to CE guidelines.
  • Can be used at all construction sites with 230 V alternating current.
  • Fits in every car sedan.
  • The machine consists of portable individual components which can be disassembled without tools and which allow convenient and easy transport with small and manageable sizes and low weights.
The PFT Ritmo Powercoat is going to revolutionise the plastering industry, there will soon be no need for the old fashioned paddle mixer and a labourers job is going to get even easier.

The video below shows the Ritmo spraying multi finish plaster.

If you have any questions about the PFT Ritmo Powercoat then please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you

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