PFT Invented the plastering machine

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PFT – Inventor of the mechanical single-layer plastering technique

Technology and science have led to changes in all areas of life. The methods of mixing and applying mortar have also undergone substantial changes. The machine has become the tool of today.

It is the mission of Knauf PFT GmbH & Co. KG to implement the findings of science and research in high-quality machines. For this reason, PFT’s motto is:


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The inventors of the mechanical single-layer gypsum plastering technique, Dr. Alfons Knauf and Karl Knauf, laid the foundations for PFT’s present importance in the 70s. The successful and dynamic enterprise PFT, today located in Iphofen near Würzburg (South Germany) was founded in 1972.

Dynamism and solidarity, combined with entrepreneurial farsightedness, enabled PFT to occupy a leading position among the European manufacturers of mixing pumps and conveying equipment. Eccentric screw pumps, continuous mixers, tools and accessories complete PFT’s product range. PFT machine technology is successfully used in all fields of the building trade and also in industry.

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The foundation of our success is the consistent involvement and training of efficient specialist traders, providing a region-wide service network, both on national and international level. The PFT distribution strategy is based on fair partnership and focuses on excellent service to our customers.

Hardly any customer in our home country Germany will have to drive far to reach an experienced and knowledgeable PFT sales partner – an exemplary service network density that sets the standards in this industry. 150 sales and service stations and a motivated field service team take care of what comes first in PFT’s vision of performance: growth and our customers’ success.

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On an international scale, PFT also plays a very active role in the building trade. The Franconian company exports its quality products to more than 40 countries worldwide. Highly qualified advice and service to our customers is always our first priority, even in the most distant regions. The distribution is carried out by authorized PFT sales partners for construction machines and by our own branches.

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However, PFT is also the symbol of the rapid, modern building site with a future: humane, labour-saving, efficient, silent, waste-free, and environmentally friendly. Thanks to sophisticated technology, economical methods of working and top quality „Made in Germany“, the PFT system is in a permanent process of further development and improvement. The objective is a continuous and trouble-free material flow on every construction site.

Performance and skill are appreciated by our contented customers and will remain our commitment – to keep things moving, today and in the future.

  • From now on the new PFT poster „PFT Construction illustration” decorates many PFT show rooms.
  • PFT fulfils customer requirements – PFT presents the compact and easy-to-transport conveying equipment PFT SILOMAT trans plus light. With the new conveying pot of the PFT SILOMAT trans plus PFT fulfils the continuously rising expectations related to operator friendliness, functionality and – last but not least – slimmer design but low components weight.
  • A new vibrator generation in the PFT portfolio: PFT introduces the external vibrator PFT A-10.
  • With the clearly detailed PFT spare parts poster for the mixing pumps PFT G 4 and PFT G 5 the order procedure of spare parts becomes very easy. The detailed exploded drawings showing the related PFT part nos. assure that the correct spare part will be supplied.
  • As of April the new PFT purge hose (part no. 00 11 38 56) facilitates the cleaning of all PFT material hoses.
  • Since the beginning of this year the PFT image film can be downloaded on our PFT homepage. Learn interesting facts and get inspired by the world of pictures.
  • On 28 and 29 February 2008 for the first time PFT presented its modern machine technique on the exhibition GeoTHERM in Offenburg. The GeoTHERM is a powerful combination of congress and trade fair and is especially addressed to the topic of geo thermy. In the field of well building PFT as machine producer supplies the perfect machines and systems that meet customer requirements and make work easier.
  • PFT includes the new PFT video training “PFT RITMO powercoat” in each delivery of PFT RITMO powercoat. The DVD serves as a first-aid training on the machine for the operator and will certainly assist the sales of the machine.

In March, PFT began a successful exhibition year in 2007 by participating in the “Knauf Construction Congress”.

From March 7-9, the Knauf company group presented an unusual event.

Knauf sent invitations, and the construction branch came. Approximately 5,000 fabricators, architects/planners and merchants visited the “Knauf Construction Congress” in Iphofen for the opportunity to inform themselves on the synergies of the Knauf Group. Technical lectures, market trends and product presentations added to the program as did the live demonstrations and the 2,000 m² exhibition in a trade show tent especially erected for this.

Under the motto “Creating tomorrow together”, the Knauf company group presented itself at the “COLOUR – CONSTRUCTION & FACADES” exhibition in Köln.

A total of 55,000 trade visitors came during April 18-21 to the industry event of the year. Together with Knauf Gips KG, PFT introduced for the first time the revolutionary system comprised of mixing pump PFT RITMO powercoat and smoothing cement Knauf Multi-Finish M. With this new option of machine-mixing and machine-application of smoothing cement, PFT impressed trade visitors in 5 daily live demonstrations.

The world’s largest construction machinery exhibition – the BAUMA 2007 – took place on

April 23-29 in Munich.

With 3,041 exhibitors from 55 countries displaying on about 500,000 m² exhibition space, the BAUMA is a trade show of the superlative class.

In the PFT exhibition pavilion with the Caribbean flair, trade visitors could let themselves be convinced by the PFT innovations:

  • the mixing pump PFT RITMO powercoat
  • the airless spraying machine PFT SAMBA XL
  • the horizontal screw mixer PFT LOTUS XL
  • the conveying pumps PFT ZP 3 XL and PFT ZP 3 XXL
  • the smallest PFT conveying pump PFT QUICKLI II
  • as well as the new generation of conveying systems in the PFT SILOMAT trans plus.

On the 4th and 5th of May, PFT introduced its modern machine technology at the large trade fair of painting, varnishing and floor-laying in the new exhibition in Hamburg.

On 10,000 m², the trade visitors experienced over 80 suppliers with innovations from the product sectors of painting and varnishing, machines and tools, as well as wall cladding and floor coverings.

PFT offers a new airless spraying technology.

The new powerful airless spraying machine PFT SAMBA XL is the perfect solution for thin-faced coatings like dispersion plasters, – paints and – fillers.

PFT PROTEX is the name of our new self-adhesive protection foil from our premises PFT. It is for your tidy building site and a reliable assistant for the protection of: e. g. glass surfaces, staircases, stone basements and carpets when you carry out painters and plasterers work as well as for the cleaning of interior and exterior facades and many more.

New design – More service

Since 1 September the up-dated PFT homepage is online.

Besides the modern design our homepage offers a better menu leading and more service. We present you brand new and important information faster and more customer friendly.

The PFT RITMO presentation trailer goes on tour.

The PFT Rotor unscrew equipment is in our PFT sales programme

  • Presentation of the new PFT LK 400/600 II air compressor.
  • BAUMA 2001 – the world’s greatest construction machinery fair in Munich opened its doors, and PFT exhibited its complete machine range with practice-oriented demonstrations in a large and light pavilion.
  • The visitors were attracted by these innovations:
  • the new horizontal continuous mixer PFT HM 6
  • the new pressurized conveying unit PFT SILOMAT Q
  • the new pressurized conveying unit PFT SILOMAT S
  • the new mixing pump PFT G 500
  • the new mixing pump PFT G 5 cd
  • the new pump PFT UNIJET II
  • the new silo mixing pump PFT ESTRICHJET III
  • the new diesel mixing pump PFT OMD II
  • the new diesel mixing pump PFT DFP II
  • Optimum performance at the push of a button: Take a short cut with the new PFT CUTMASTER II.


  • Presentation of the new PFT G 5c mixing pump.
  • The 50,000th PFT G 4 was taken off the assembly carousel.
  • Presentation of a new all-round spraying and glueing set named PFT JETSET.
  • The machine range was extended by the stationary eccentric screw pump PFT ALLIGATOR.
  • PFT made its first appearance on the internet.
  • German and English pages were available online.
  • The PFT SWING II was presented to the specialist clientele.
  • An innovative product in white: Professionals were enthusiastic about the PFT RONDO mortar hose.


  • As early as January 1999, the 1,000th PFT G 5 was sold at the fair BAU 99 in Munich.
  • The new PFT N 2 FC was presented to the specialist clientele at the fair FARBE 3/99. This innovative vario conveying pump for the bonding, reinforcing and plastering of heat-insulating composite systems was exhibited together with a completely new glueing and spraying gun.
  • Launch of the rubber mixing tube for all PFT horizontal continuous mixers.


  • Time for a new machine, the PFT G 5. Exhibited for the first time at the fair BAUMA 98 in Munich.
  • With a new appearance, more attractive, slender and modern. But also with a more intelligent and far-sighted design.
  • The silo/container mixing pump PFT CMP 120 with a capacity of 120 l/min opened up a new dimension of floor screed output. It is equipped with an upstream star wheel sluice and an integrated, automatic ventilation system.
  • A new horizontal continuous mixer: the PFT HM 24.
  • PFT once again proved its competence in the field of containers with the PFT MINITAINER: a round container with a volumetric capacity of 1.2 m³.
  • Yet another innovation: PFT SWING, the smallest conveying pump.
  • The new PFT TWISTER stators were presented.
  • Radio control made its first appearance at the fair BAU in Berlin.


  • The water pressure booster pump PFT AV 1 was presented at the fair STUCK 5/97 as a world-wide innovation.
  • Launch of the small and handy floor screed mixing pump PFT ESTRICHJET.
  • A new conveying pump with frequency converter, the PFT N 2 FC, was ready for use.
  • The small horizontal continuous mixer PFT HM 104, designed for transport attached to the PFT MINITAINER, was launched.
  • The newly developed PFT SILOJET, a conveying unit to be mounted completely to gravity and pressurized silos, set new standards.
  • Presentation of the variable silo mixing pump PFT CMP.
  • The PFT CUTMASTER was presented to the specialist clientele at the trade fair.


Direct hits on the market:

  • The new PFT SILOMAT C-class conveying units.
  • Two new PFT G 4 versions, PRIMA and SUPER, were presented.
  • The high-performance PFT WMP conquered the market.
  • The 1,000th mixing pump of the PFT MINIJET and PFT MONOJET series for use with 230 V A.C. saw the light of day at a trade fair.
  • Presentation of the new CP-Series at a fair. The container/silo mixing pump for direct flange-mounting under the respective container.
  • Launch of the new horizontal mixer types, PFT HM 202 and PFT HM 204.
  • Launch of the floor screed machines PFT OMP GIGANT and PFT DFP.


Building site logistics were simplified by the PFT CP and WMP, mixing pumps for direct flange-mounting under silos and containers.


  • PFT invented small and lightweight mixing pumps for A.C. operation:
  • PFT MONOJET and PFT MINIJET. Handy, simple, robust; they can be operated and disassembled by one person.
  • Higher, farther, faster – following this motto, PFT presented the mobile, “open” floor screed mixing pumps with vario drive: PFT FMP and PFT HMP.
  • Construction of the new logistics and innovation centre.


Invention of the metered cement addition for concrete guns, e.g. with the PFT TRIMASTER.
The PFT MINITAINER closed the last gap on the way to bagless construction on site.


Launch of the first PFT dry spraying system for concrete, the PFT JETMASTER.



A small pump with vario drive opened up new possibilities: the PFT N 2 V, designed for the conveying and spraying of plastering mortar and liquid or pasty compounds. It rapidly won a leading role in the construction of heat-insulating composite systems and in concrete repair work.


Introduction of the open and thus visually checkable mixing system: mixing and pumping with separate modules, e.g. PFT OMP.


Mixed material is pumped directly to the application site with the PFT ZP 3 mortar and thick matter pump.


Invention of the single-motor drive for vertical mixing and horizontal pumping. Invention of the PFT T 2 E for self-levelling floor screed. The “husky” machine accelerated the application procedure many times over.


Invention of the three-component mixer for aggregates, binders and water.


PFT launched the horizontal mortar mixer HM 2 for bagged material. This eliminated the mixing in pan and gravity mixers, the agitating in tubs or buckets.


Launch of the PFT mortar pumps.


Mixing with shovels became a thing of the past. The PFT HM 4 horizontal continuous mixers permitted the rapid and fully automatic mixing of ready-mixed dry mortars.


Invention of the PFT G 4 – for many years the best-selling continuous mixing pump oft the world. Invention of the ROTOMIX and ROTOQUIRL remixers.


The original Gipsomat Department of Gebr. Knauf Saargipswerke GmbH was transformed into an independent enterprise: PFT Putz- und Fördertechnik GmbH.


Invention of the PFT construction site container and development of construction site logistics. For the first time, standard tipping container vehicles could be used to supply even small building sites with silo material.


The beginning of a new era: the bagless construction site, thanks to the invention of the world’s first pneumatic dry plaster conveying unit, PFT SILOMAT.


Invention of the mechanical application technique for the world’s first single-layer machine-applied plaster:

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