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Give PFT Wales a call to advise you on the benefits of each different speedskim rule and blade 

OX Speedskim ST Semi Flexible Plastering Rule

OX Speedskim SF Stainless Flex blade only

OX Speedskim Universal Pole Attachment

OX Tools are fast becoming the most popular brand of tools worldwide, winning awards for design and innovation, Ox tools have been supplying the construction industry for over 40 years. Plasterers worldwide are selecting OX tools brand above more popular brands as they are happy and excited by having the latest time saving tools on the market.  The Speedskim after being launched has proved a huge success and has changed the way Multi finish skimming is finished in the UK

Speedskim Technology™ Ox Speedskim Plastering Rules

  • OX SPEEDSKIM SEMI FLEXIBLE PLASTERING RULE is the new and revolutionary tool system designed to increase meterage output and enhance quality of finish at the same time significantly reducing the harmful effects of fatigue & RSI
  • Flattening, finishing & ruling off
  • Compatible with all gypsum based plasters (hand and spray applied), Traditional sand & cement renders and insulated rendering systems
  • Ox Speedskim Plastering Rules Complete with integral blade guard
  • The original speedskim plastic spatula. Perfect spatula for flattening skim plasters. Plastic blade is changeable, and can be swapped for different blades in the speedskim range. Handle on the speed skim is a comfortable darby type grip that can be clipped onto an attachment to use with a speedskim extension pole

Speedskim ST Technology™ – The Advantages

  • OX SPEED SKIM SEMI FLEXIBLE PLASTERING RULE Allows flattening back immediately after plaster application – Accelerating the whole Plastering process.
  • ‘Flattens back’ and ‘rules off’ in a fraction of the time over conventional Featheredges and Darby’s.
  • Ox Speedskim Plastering Rules Brings no moisture to the surface allowing quicker deployment of final steel trowel accelerating the overall process.
  • Blade profile with specially formed ribs accelerates the distribution of plaster over a wider area, and dramatically improves levelling of uneven surfaces. In addition these unique ribs hold on to excess plaster.
  • Unique ergonomic design and lightweight construction gives increased comfort to the Plasterer. In reducing the need for the steel trowel during certain aspects of the plastering process the effects of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) on fingers, wrists and upper body are dramatically reduced.
  • Innovative component design gives increased blade stability in wide ranging seasonal temperatures – straight blade system.
  • New button release robust end caps give Speedskim® unique interchangeable blade feature – making all sizes extremely versatile and cost effective.
  • Speedskim Technology™ has been developed to make a number of other Building Trade applications faster and easier too – Producing a higher quality Finish.


Speedskim Flexible Plastering Rule Ox Speedskim Plastering Rules

Designed to reduce tiredness and increase output & productivity for plastering and skimming, when being used during the skim coat, OX Speedskim special range of blades allow rapid ‘flattening/closing in’ straight after the plaster is applied. With no moisture on the surface, this achieves a flatter and faster finish. This allows plasterers to complete larger surface areas quickly and easily.

Improving Quality of Finish

Achieving a smooth, perfectly flat finish can be tricky on uneven substrates, OX Speedskim plastering products were specially developed to help professionals and even keen d.i.y.’ers with this, providing an improved finish in a shorter amount of time.


Ox Speedskim Plastering Rules Ergonomically Designed

The tough, lightweight design of OX speedskim tools offers comfort to plasterers. A major plus when you’ve got a big surface area to tackle. The unique handle design allows a more natural hand positioning when you rule off or use to flatten back. This means you no longer have to worry about repetitive strain issues – OX Speedskim eliminates the need for any traditional plastering trowel.

We stock an amazing range of speedskim products and also have OX Speedskim Trade Packages in a variety of sizes which contain everything you need to get started with the revolutionary way of plastering.

OX SPEEDSKIM STAINLESS FLEX FINISHING RULE available in different sizes, used for trowelling up multi finish and thistle board finish it can replace a Flexible Trowel by placing more of the blades edge on the surface of the plaster to be trowelled up

The OX Speedskim stainless flexible finishing rule is a superb addition as a superflex style spatula.  The multi finish or board finish can be layed down or flattened in in larger areas uses 1 of the different sized speedskim blades. The stainless flex speedskim rule can also be changed if required to any of our other speedskim blades.

 Speedskim SF plastering spatula is Great for fine finishing and polishing medium size areas (applications as listed below), but also copes very well with those larger areas. Weighing only 1.2 kg the New SF 600mm is incredibly light and is perfect for both walls and ceilings.

Incredibly effective in Airless plaster Spray applications – ultra-smooth finishing!

About the NEW SF Range (Patented Technology):

The OX SPEEDSKIM STAINLESS FLEX FINISHING RULE plastering spatula is Designed specifically for those who wish to finish the work using stainless steel as the contact point, the New Speedskim SF range is now available

Complementing the existing ST blades perfectly the New Speedskim SF delivers a smooth eggshell finish. With all the attributes and advantages in terms of flexibility, the New SF runs perfectly over flat substrates e.g. plasterboard over metal stud (as you would expect) – but also delivers an incredible finish on less forgiving (uneven) substrates, typically found in older properties. The New Speedskim SF™ enables the Plasterer to complete the final stages of the work at great pace.

Combining the flexibility of PVC with ultra-thin 0.3mm spring stainless steel, the SF needs virtually no breaking in and is good to go! Bonded using 3M high performance tape this unique composite design allows the laminated blade materials to expand and contract during ranging temperatures – straight blade system.



British Gypsum

  • Thistle Multi-Finish & Board Finish
  • Thistle Universal One Coat
  • New Thistle Magnetic Plaster
  • Thistle Spray Finish works great with  Ox Speedskim Plastering Rules
  • Easi-Fill
  • Ready Mixed Joint Cement
  • Gyproc ProMix Lite


  • MP Finish
  • MP75
  • Knauf Drywall Joint Filler Compounds
  • Knauf Joint Cement Easy Sand – Lite


  • One Coat systems
  • Rapid Coat compound systems

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