A helpful guide to buying a superflex plastering trowel

A Helpful guide to buying a superflex plastering trowel

Superflex and flexible trowels have become the must have plastering tool of recent years the first superflex was introduced by refina tools a number of years ago and they quickly found their way into many plasterers tool kits alongside their other favourite tools

The superflex stainless steel trowel is a finishing trowel with a much more flexible blade. The blade can be .25mm or .4mm for most types of flexi trowel.

The science behind the flex trowel is that with the blade being more flexible, more of the actual blades surface will be in contact with the wall being plastered during the trowelling up stages.

The superflex trowel is not an all-round finishing trowel due to the thin blade it can be damaged very easily compare to standard stainless steel plastering trowels, therefore it is recommended that the flexible skimming trowel that is being used should do so in only the later stages of skimming.

The wall should be flattened first with the plasterer’s favourite skimming trowel and then with very little water the multi finish or board finish can be trowelled up to a finish.

A skilled plasterer will achieve the finish on his wall with very little fat staining and leave a clean, uniform and matt finish ready to receive final decoration with paint.

The Superflex trowel was first designed to be used with European plasterboard finishing system such as airless plaster, the flexible blade is used to follow the sprayed plaster and flatten it to a level 5 finish.

Superflex plastering trowels are made by a number of manufacturers including Refina, Ox/Nela, Beroflex, Nela & Marshalltown. The finishing trowels are available in many sizes from midget trowels up to 18 inch trowels. Blade thicknesses vary depending on the choice the plasterer makes when purchasing a superflex trowel.

If you have any questions regarding plastering trowels [email protected] will be only to happy to help you make the correct choice.


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