What Is a Plastering Machine

The plastering machine can be a mixing pump or a conveying pump. Most machines use the Rotor & Stator pump technology. This is a 2 part pump that is one of the wearable parts on a machine.
Air is used to project the material on the wall.
The mixing pump will mix the material automatically and pump it at the same time as well as applying the material to the wall with a spraying gun. The material is carried to the wall using material hoses that are easily handled by 1 man.
The Conveying pump consists of a material hopper where you place plaster or render you have allready mixed. The material is then pumped along the material hoses to the spraying gun where it is applied to the wall.

What are the sizes of the plastering machines

Conveying machines such as our PFT Swing are the smallest. Weighing only 70 KG this machine is easy to move around by 1 person. The little machine will fit in a estate car or small van easily.
Mixing pumps such as the PFT Ritmo are a little over 100 kg and are very easy to move around by one person. The Ritmo will easily fit in an estate car or small van and can also be split into 3 sections for ease of transportation.
Mixing pumps like the G4X are a larger machine that is recommended for 2 people to move around, these are larger machines and weigh around 250 kg. The G4 in the UK will often require a portable generator to power it adding another 100kg to the equipment. A transit sized van is suitable for this type of set up.

What machine will suit me

Our most popular machines are mixing pumps. These pumps are available in 110v, 230v & 415v
Choosing a machine suitable for your requirements is down to how much material you intend putting through it.

The G 4 is suitable for the following

Are you a plastering gang 3 or more on larger job sites where you  mix and apply large amounts 50 plus bags every day of renders, screeds  or hardwalls ? We would suggest you choose a 3 phase 415v machine.  You have the manpower to easily move this machine about, whilst its large pumping output will make sure the machine makes light work of getting the stuff on the wall & keeping everyone busy
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The Ritmo is suitable for the following

Are you a smaller gang 2-3 who regularly move about after completing job after job. The small Ritmo is perfect as it will be plugged direct to the mains power and will be up and running in 10 minutes. This makes it a perfect choice for even small jobs. The Ritmo is perfect on extensions, new builds, internals, EWI . If it goes through a plastering machine it goes through the Ritmo.
The Ritmo can also be used as a conveying pump, simply turn the water off and pour any pre mixed material straight into the hopper and pump it to the wall.
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The Swing & ZP3 range is suitable for the following

Are you a smaller gang working on EWI projects, Looking for a small simple cheap machine to help get the gear on more rapidly. The swing is plugged directly to the mains and pre mixed materials are poured directly into it. The swing is available in a few options and can even be used to pump sand and cement site mix.
The Larger ZP3 is a 415v electric conveying pump capable in pumping site mixes and liquid screeds. The machine is suited more to a 3 man team although a 2 man team can easily operate the ZP3 Screed. A generator is required to power the ZP3
A big advantage using a zp3 for screeding is that all the equipment fits inside a transit sized van, meaning travelling longer distances and security is improved

The Swing Airless

This machine is for the application of airless plaster, The main advantage of a swing airless over piston type machines is the noise. The swing airless runs virtually silent. A bag squeezer can be used with the machine to fill with pre bagged airless plasters. The swing airless can also be used to spray bucket coat materials and paints.
PFT Swing L FC V Airless

Why do plaster machines use Water pumps

Often on different sites the water supply can be shared or have a different pressure to the last job you were on. The plastering machine needs a minimum of 2.5 bar to operate to ensure it never pumps dry material through the rotor and stator. This could prove costly and time consuming in correcting.
To ensure that we can use the plastering machine on site with any water supply we use a water vessel such as a water butt. The butt often has a stop cock inside so you can leave a water hose connected, and it will shut off when the butt is full.
The water pump is used to pump the water from the water butt to the plastering machine at a pressure of approx 5 bar.
This ensures trouble free spraying on any site.
Water pumps can be stand alone units such as the PFT AV3000 popular with the PFT Ritmo or built in units such as the AV3 used on the PFT G4
Water pressure booster pump

Will i require a Generator to run my machine

If you don’t have power available yes you will. The PFT Ritmo will need around 10 kva of power and so we can use a smaller portable generator.
The PFT G4 and other 3 phase machines will need a slightly larger 12.5 kva or 15 kva generator that runs 415v. Your PFt dealer will help you with this.
PFT Ninja 15 kva

How Long do plastering machines last

PFT plastering machines have been around over 30 years and there are still machines that old in daily use.
All the parts are readily available from your PFT Official Partner
We recommend you drop your machine to us every year for a service and that will keep it running in perfect condition
Its often said “Buy Cheap,Buy twice” PFT Wales are confident that by purchasing a machine from us it will still be going when you retire.

Whats the costs to maintain

Firstly you have a few regularly wearing parts, The PFT Original rotor & Stator pumps will last about 20 pallets, If you buy cheaper pumps you will replace them more often.
The PFT mixing shaft will usually last you about a 100 pallets of material.
apart from some pipe seals and small bits most of the equipment is designed to last for years, Your PFt official partner will have these items in stock for same day collection or can be delivered next day.

Whats the best machines

PFT Plastering machines are the best. The competition just don’t seem to have the same quality or attention to detail on all their products.. The PFT Accessories are far superior for example the spraying guns are double insulated to protect against a split tube spraying render at pressure all over the user.
Dont take our word for it have a look on the internet and compare some items, ask people out there using the machines. The reputation comes from years of supplying quality products.

Who will look after me once i have the machine

From day 1 as a PFT customer  you will receive our 5 star service. If you have a problem with your machine set up, just pick up the phone. We are here to help.
Our knowledge includes The plastering machines, the tools, the equipment & the whole plastering industry. We don’t just sell machines we live plastering

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