Description Colour Grain size max. mm Capacity
l/min   at 400 rpm
l/min   at 200 rpm
Working pressure
max. bar
Twister D3 PFT twister d6-3 £POA
Twister D4/3 PFT Twister D 4/3 Half output £POA £POA
Twister D3-4 PFT D3/4 1/3 output clampable £POA £POA
d42stat PFT D 4-2 clampable K Rend friendly £POA £POA
PFT b 4 1.5 For ritmo £POA £POA
PFT LK402 Air Compressor LK 402 air compressor £POA £POA
pft spray gun
Swing Gun Set Spraying set for mortar (15 m)
consisting of:
– Spraying set in box
– PVC hose NW 9 x 3 mm, 15 m with EWO-coupling
– Material hose 1″, length: 15 m, with 2 high-pressure suction
– 2 pieces sponge ball Ø 30 mm, solid
– Cleaner coupling 25 female part ID 24 with Geka coupling
g series mixing shaft Mixing shaft for g series machines £POA £POA
Material Hose 10 mts 25mm hose £POA £POA
hose Water hose £POA £POA
hose Air hose with geka couplings 11m £POA £POA

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