A helpful guide to hiring a plastering machine and screed pump

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When we offer you A helpful guide to hiring a plastering machine and screed pump we will start by letting you know a plastering machine or plastering pump will make a very efficient and economical job of mixing and spray applying plasters or renders to the wall. screed pumps can convey wet liquid screed to the area of floor being layed with very little skilled manual labour required for the jobs the machines can do.
In the modern building site the use of pre bagged plasters and renders has become common place, the material will usually be mixed in large batches with a cement mixer or paddle mixer. Once the render or plaster is mixed it is then transferred to the area being worked at. 
A plastering machine is an electric mixing pump that will process the dry material into a workable mix that can then be pumped along a material hose and eventually spray applied to the wall. When compared to old traditional techniques its quite obvious that the hard labour of mixing each batch, carrying it to the work area and followed by the skilled plasterer applying it in a flat and uniform layer is now an opportunity to replace for a more contemporary method that is not so demanding on hard labour.
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A single phase mixing pump is available in 240 volt that is plugged straight into the wall, The PFT Ritmo is such a 240 volt plastering pump and is small enough to be transported in an estate car and easily moved about job sites by only 1 person. The water from a separate water pump or water tap can be connected directly to the machine along with the power cable for the plastering machine that is plugged directly into the mains. We can use about 50 mts of power cable to supply electricity to a PFT Ritmo.  Once set up we can add material to the hopper and set the mix to our desired consistency. Once you have set the consistency the machine will keep producing mixed gear at the same consistency. 
On a single phase plastering machine we can use up to 25 mts of material hose to pump wet mixed render or plasters making it ideal to place the plastering pump at suitable locations close to the material and walls being rendered or plastered.
The Ritmo plastering machine is suited to domestic work where power is available and small gangs. The output of 14 lts can be decreased for different applications like laying monocouche where would want a top speed down to spraying roughcast finishes or thin basecoats where we would only need half the speed of output.
We do not recommend a 110 volt mixing pump as a suitable alternative, simply put 110 volt is half the power and usually means compromises need to be made by running the material much wetter than is actually suitable in real life scenarios, The lower voltage also means we must be aware of the amps going too high and tripping the machine out. In our professional opinion we recommend to use a 240 volt mixing pump if you want to do private and domestic type plastering


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