PFT Wales are proud to be Uk Distributors for BEROXpert range of tools. The sexy range of plastering tools compliment the Very high  quality PFT customers expect!

Lets make every plasterer a “BERO” Plasterer

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About us

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BEROXpert is an innovator in the design and ergonomic of drywall finishing and painter tools. We specialize in tools that assist the drywall finisher and painter to complete his job faster, safer and with less effort.
Our customers are distributors who demand excellent service, quality products and worldwide availability.

BEROXpert, offers quality tools and parts only to authorized distributors and wholesalers  throughout the world. Due to this relationship, we do not offer our products directly to the consumer. (b2b)

The professional drywall finishers and painters love our tools and they love to get it done so easy and professional.


Frank Beresowski

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      Drywall Finishing Tools                                    Keeping Bag                                   Dustless Sanding System

EFIS and Plaster


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  PREMIUM PLASTER Tools                                  BEROfleX Trowel                                        Plastic Trowels 

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                                                                            EFIS Corner Edgers

Painter and application Tools

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       LINO-line System                    


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                     SpeedPlac Drywall Cutting Machine                                                 TekRoll for Banjo’s


This is what our clients say:

BEROXpert is Awesome

They offer all the drywall and finishing tools any contractor needs to get the project done with less effort and more money in the pocket.


Since we work with the finishing blade from BEROXpert “We don’t smooth the surface anymore, we surf the surface“


Finally, it is so easy to build up a very high level (level 5) quality with just great hand tools.

I love the Bi-Flex system it makes my job so easy. And the best: no marks anymore that saves me so much time.


I coundn’t believe it at first but these tools are the best I have ever worked with.


Trowel Reference Hefel Masonry

A good plasterer will use a BEROXpert trowel.

If you are a EIFS guy, and you don’t have a BEROXpert trowel in your tool bucket, then get you one you’ll love it.

It does not matter if you use Dryvit, Senergy, Master Wall, Sto or any other material a BEROXpert trowel works the best with them all.



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