2 Ritmos Gone Already This Week

Today we had Paul & his son Charley down to carry out their training on their Brand New PFT Ritmo L

Paul  & Charley work together on private and domestic work, after doing some research on what would best suit their needs and seeing other Ritmo users local to themselves they chose the PFT Ritmo L .

The Ritmo L is a small yet powerful mixing pump that can be plugged straight into the mains. Paul was quite pleased with how basic the machine actually was once we got down to the training.

We used thistle hardwall for today’s session & Paul has a job lined up straight away to use his machine.

After training was complete Paul & Charley persuaded me to take them up the world famous Plastering Superstore where they purchase some spares parts  for the machine and some superb quality new tools

As an added bonus Paul was able to also collect his friend’s and long term customer of PFT Wales Brand new PFT Ritmo L set up with 10 kva generator, saving him a trip and time of work during this very busy time for us all. thanks to Chris Smith of CJS Plastering for your continued support and for choosing your second Ritmo.

Please have a look through our new website at the stunning new collection of tools and parts available for next day.





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